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office just to pay tribute. >> i think he probably went through more in his lifetime than most of us rxed to endure. he served the country. >> but for some there is partisanship in the morning mostly found on the internet with the blogs and websites that allow anonymous comments. >> there are angry posts, so we ask a question shouldn't bis they a time for grace? britney morehouse joins us live with answers. >> reporter: well anita maybe it should be but here is another thought. more than likely the culprit is the internet providing a forum for those personal attacks. >> one scroll down any news website and you'll find them, mud slinging comments. >> so what happens is that you have a few extremeists saying very undignified things about the death of a very very longstanding public servant in this country. >> it didn't used to be this way says american university professor. >> look back to ronald regan's death. i mean, you didn't hear sort of the liberals and that end sort of saying outrageous things. >> there may have been people out there who may have said that but it didn't get much visi
right. they carried extra water, had all the right equipment and used their self-phones to call 911. after the injury they both hiked to a clearing spot. >> dramatic pictures. thank you. >>> right now president obama's signature domestic issue is health care reform. he is struggling to be heard over voices of opposition. >> now the president decided it is time to fight fire with fire at a town hall meeting of his own today in new hampshire. >> for all the chatter and yelling and noise, what you need to know is this. if you don't have health insurance, you will finally have quality affordable options once we pass reform. i don't think government bureaucrats should be meddling. that's the health care system i believe in. >> angry critics stealing much of the national spotlight as they confronted other members of congress at other town hall meetings. check out what happened in missouri. >> hey, hey, hey. hey. okay. ma'am. okay. everybody sit down. >> not only did the debate get physical in missouri, look what happened at senator arlen specter's town hall meeting in lebanon, pennsylvani
. you're safer flying a car than you are driving to the airport. >> the pilots use tools and instruments such as radars to detect the other aircrafts nearby. the aircraft owners say is that in the past 10 years, there were 70 small aircraft collisions. >>> the county virginia man is killed and a 17-year-old daughter is injured when their homemade rc airaftcrashed into ke. the state police say thththr e plane appeared to have lost power and then crashed about 100 fsrdhos ofrerein e tycoth dae er idas being treatemary a hospital. federal otyfeictyia, lsthey , are investigating the cause of this crash. >>> we have breaking news at this hour. a metro worker is instruct by a vehicle used to perform maintenance. it happened just over an hour ago on the orange line between the west fall search and the metro station. the spokesperson tells nine news now tonight that the worker, they were air lifted to the hospital. the service between i have yen that and the church -- vienna and the church have been spotted. they are arranging that for passengers at those stations. >>> meanwhile, metro told t
>>> i'm bruce johnson, thank you for joining us. 17 local men have been caught this the sting operation, they allegedly cruiseed the internet looking for sex with minors. local firefighter is among those facing charges after montgomery county police officer pretented to be a 16- year-old prostitute. >> reporter: police say the under cover officer posed as a 16-year-old prostitute on craigslist and referred suspects to the social te my s 17 defendants caught the bait including a montgomery county firefighter. he along with the rest of the defendants who range in age of 20 to 56 years old face felony charges of soliciting sex from a minor. >> it's happening right now, it's more common than what people believe. >> reporter: one of the defendants agreed to talk with us as long as we didn't show his face. he explains why he turned to the internet for sex. >> i wasn't getting what i needed out of my relationship. rather than leaving e person i went out to seek validation and attraction from other people. >> have you done this before with a 15-year-old? >> never. >> reporter: he say
inherent police powers of a statute here in the district of columbia that have been delegated to us by congress. >> reporter: ca tanya also says his bigger concern at the moment is d. c. borders. he said historically guns have flooded into the district from maryland and virginia but we're at a 40 year low for d. c.'s murder rates he would like to see it stay that way. >>> an drew, thanks very much. >>> there is a link between the massacres of virginia tech and northern illinois university and an man who killed 3 and many sodini also sold weapons to the virginia tech and northern illinois shooting. that company tgfcom incorporated issued a statement calling sodini a socially stunted mad man. >>> muhammad was sentenced to death masterminding if ?iewp era tack in 2002. muhammad and his accomplice killed 10 people in the fall of 02. malvo got the life sentence. >>> eunice kennedy shriver sister of john of f kennedy is in the hospital. they have gathered at her side at cape cod hospital. her son-in-law california governor arnold schwarzenegger is also reportedly there. she lived in
at pizza hut. . >>> this is 9news now. >> hello. i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this saturday night. >>> first tonight, no serious injuries but lots of damage and a major cleanup after a confirmed tornado struck the town of ijamsville in maryland trees were snapped or toppled by wind. we have more on the story. >> reporter: it's the signature sound of cleanup in the aftermath of tornadoes. >> it sounded like the roof was getting ripped off, which it was. >> reporter: it was no different than the twist ter that carved a path through the town of ijamsville, maryland where folks were shaken. >> there were leaves and glass and rocks coming through the window. >> reporter: he grabbed his dog and hit the floor. >> i was hoping it wasn't going to take me out of the house. >> reporter: he tells a similar story as he ran down to the basement. >> i literally was lookingp u expecting u the house to just be gone. >> reporter: hundreds of trees uprooted and snapped like twigs. >> there sounded like trash cans banging over your head. >> reporter: debora de wit headed for cover. >> i just sa
's ingredients for life. safeway. . >>> this is 9 news now. >>> good evening everybody, thank you for joining us ice ght, a woodbridge man is erp aft aouol hrsding the police at bay for hours and forcing the ngevacuation of an tien re neighborhood. it all started this afternoon around wrangler lane. more on how it happened and why so many police forces were involved. >> at least 50 police officers manned the scene there, including s.w.a.t. teams and hostage negotiators, when you have that, you can't take chances. >> reporter: some pulled out their cameras. >> police cars were going up this way, ambulances, police trucks. >> reporter: one eyewitness tells us what he saw, the man was apparently in his apartment, talking to the police. >> and i was right at the stop sign. and he was saying i'm going to kill myself, or i'm going to make you kill me. >> reporter: now hours later that man is still inside that apartment. and every single person who lives in the area has been evacuated. nobody can get back in. >> haven't done nothing all day because of it. killed my sunday. >> the man who held himself
is taken care of as well as the guests without losing more money and it seems that dc is going to charge us more to actually run the business. >> reporter: the added costs not to mention the hassle doesn't surprise anyone who is familiar with making money here. >> dc does not seem like it is business friendly. they try to make things very difficult for you to actually get your job done. >> reporter: long time business owners offer this tip to city officials. turn back the clock. >> we remember when there was a down time when there were no restaurants and nobody out here. now all of a sudden we have people out here. why do we want to do anything to hurt their business? >> reporter: officials will start enforcing the permit rules this fall. some restaurant owners we spoke with on the phone are offering discounts at garages instead. derek? >> thank you for that. >>> the u.s. transportation secretary has a message for car dealers and for drivers. he says you will get your money. today reporters were asking him about the cash for clunkers program and why some dealerships still haven't gotten pai
the chargers right where he wants them now, ball on the seven yard line, he has a time out so he can use -- he can dump the ball off in the field of play but now he probably will just take a couple of shots at the end zone. a lot of times, first and goal to go at the seven, great situation for chris redman. >> greg: how do you think ron rivera is hanging in there? >> dan: i'm just glad we're not showing him. coaches are looking for things to yell at players about and correct -- make corrections on all these busts in the secondary by the chargers. one thing the chargers haven't been able to do is get any pressure on the quarterback. all these pass plays, no sacks for san diego. >> greg: san diego with two time outs remaining. atlanta with one. first and goal from the seven. >> greg: here comes the blitz. redman. quick pass inside the five to the two. bergeron fighting his way toward the goal line. didn't get there. clock continues to move. 47, 46, 45 seconds to play. >> dan: bring in the big guys, look for a running play. now they change their mind and pull them off the field. this looks like a
e for it. nationwide insurance can use aerial pictures of our customers' homes. so after a storm, we can estimate repair costs and get you your money faster, sometimes before your neighbors even start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. ♪ the art of getting dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. ( slurping ) ♪ ( child giggling ) ( both slurping ) ( laughs ) ( giggles ) >>> 9news now in hd sis brout h to you by verizon fios. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >>> this is 9news now. >>> good evening, i'm derek mcginty. anita is off tonight. seems you can't even watch the news these days without hearing crout a teacher violatg inviola edtrust to never harm your kids. yesterday celipo charged a liwr coach charged with online solicitation. what can you do to keep your kids safe from predators when some of their teachers could be moonligh
qualifies to be recycled, you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. a us jnondant unced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. that means you can buy a '09 fcolt16ba $moora af8 nth ter a $3500 government te ba nre awndomeo pay ant. go to for details. . >>> there were locations kind of running back frantically not knowing what to do. and a couple minutes later they were getting on stretchers. >> this is 9news now. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm derek mcginty. anita is off tonight. well, you just heard an eyewitness account of what went down at kent island high school earlier today. we have plenty of new information tonight on this developing story. offialusscit joldci u 5 rte0:0 after 5:00 p.m., some football players developed cramps and nausea at that high school. the players had only been practicing for about 35 minutes before they stoth got sick. 12 -- they got sick. 12 of them had to go to the hospital to be treated. the other members of the team that were not transported did not leave the school until 9:00 to
research is correct, this is still the most popular method for ingesting cocaine. not using $100 bills but rather 5, 10 and 20. the doctor said his assistant are hoping to get results inside their chem lab. >> this was a technique that was recently discovered by purdue university. >> reporter: so for the purposes of testing money off the street, i'm going to go into my own wallet, pull out a couple of the retired tens and 20s and give them to you, doctor. >> okay. >> reporter: and tell me what do you find on this money? >> we can do that. >> reporter: while he and his assistant get to work, we take to the streets trying to understand how the amount of cocaine on dc's money has grown by 20% over the past two years. >> the high rollers are using it. okay. >> reporter: former mayor has a theory. >> from what i can gather from the study, washington is no different than any of the other cities, but it's a shift in drug use. >> reporter: tough times might be driving a rise in cocaine use. but it l might also be getting on -- it might also be getting on money with contaminated bills mixed wit
, everyone. i'm surae chinn if for bruce johnson tonight. thanks for joining us. a developing story in southeast tonight thieoraus ite arauthori inveigorinlemultltiple enbeting ip ave sh been shot in e 0041otblk ocof minnesota avenue near the metro station. we are told most of the injuries are wounds that are not life threatening. >> he got shot in his leg. >> tonight officials say the victims range in age from 14 to 18 years old. >>> it is reminiscent of bill clinton's recent trip to north korea. jim webb seeking release of an american held in myanmar. here is gary neurenberg. >> reporter: lead to go an -- leading to a release of. >> i think it is a very bad deal. >> reporter: critics fear it will use the release for propaganda purposes. >> senator webb gave them a lot of time in the face, he was all over the television and news media in myanmar legit. >> reporter: webb met with su chi who has been in prison for 14 of the last 20 years. he did not convince authorities to release her. >> she will not be able to take part in the election and not able to campaign for her party that
got out from icu after a second heart attack. >> for us as future providers it is about access and affordability. >> i have been to europe and seen their health care live. >> there is nothing in there about health savings accounts. >> reporter: there is a kickback getting kept out of this building it is the ability to share in the debate. >> this is grassroots at its finest. >> kill the bill. >> reporter: now, it may have seemed like it was very loud and unruly out here. there was a loud debate going on. i know, anita, you no more about what went on inside the meeting. >> britney, thank you so much. well, inside the school there were heated exchanges, protests and applause. but at the center of it all representative jim moran tried to keep order and shed light on what he calls the facts and fiction. >> a provision is the so-called public option. [ cheering ] >> the democratic congressman from the eighth district drew the biggest applause when he talked about the public option health care reform would give to people who now have no insurance at all. but those who fear more gover
. >>> this is 9news now. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm anita brikman. >>> tonight shocking new details come out of an 18-year-old bizarre kidnapping case. >> california police have arrested a convicted sex offender and his wife for abducting little jc dugar back in 1991. but now we find out what happened after that is harder to stomach. she hadn't been seen or heard from in 18 long years. >> there are no known attempts for her to reach out to anybody. >> so when she accompanied the sex offender, his wife nancy and two children in his parole meeting, authorities got suspicious. during questioning, they discovered that jc, now 29 and called alyssa, was really the 11-year-old girl kidnapped back in 1991 near her home in south lake, tahoe. and it turns out, phillip had fathered the two children with jc. >> none of the children have ever gone to school. they've never been to a doctor. they were kept in complete isolation. >> the two girls are 15 and 11 which means jc go pregnant at age 13. authorities say the three lived in a secret area behind the home. >>
be stuck with us. digital correspondent britney moorehouse has the latest. >> we made the first payment on ve cle and it wasn't in our possession. >> reporter: after the vehicle was stolen from the dealership they say they are no better after even though the vehicle was found. elizabeth wise takes us back to the day she brought her brand- new vehicle to the dealership for a radio repair. an hour later the general manager appeared. >> i've got bad news. a car was stolen from our lot today. it has never happened to us before. o . carveurhayo e er>>portur: >> reporter: by the time polic recovered the car the suspect had taken on an crime spree. >> the trash that was int. i bodily fluid stains in the back seat. rear bumper missing. he robbed a jewelry store. >> reporter: naturally the dealer's insurance company is covering the loss but the wises say when they heard this. >> we are only legally obligated to fix the car and give it back to you. >> reporter: they said they had to search online to find the exact model for the general when he said he couldn't and when he agreed to give them
>> jim: fedex field here in landover, maryland. some of us on this crew heading up to the playoffs for the fedex cup. >> phil: i'm coming with you, i'm going to do a little golf tomorrow. >> jim: you're welcome. third down run does not get the first. anthony alridge plugged up. let's look at colt brennan throwing that tying touchdown. he drops back, two receivers to his left, the patriots double cover the slot receiver. one on one on the outside and nice little move by mitchell gets open. the throw by colt brennan ties the game up. >> jim: new england takes a time out stopping at 1:52. >> phil: i think new england is going to change quarterbacks, too once they get this football back. >> jim: pat chung handled the first punt of the night. green handled ever since. gets by mitchell, in to the redskins side of the field and chung with a player on his back takes it all the way down to the field goal range. lindy holmes was along for the ride. >> phil: that changes everything, of course for the offense in a situation like this. >> jim: that was 33-yard run back of 46-yard punt. andrew w
fortunate for her and, you know, for all of us. >> reporter: fortunate indeed. there were similar problems further south in berryville. look at the mess. the rain and lightning split a tree down the middle and much of the ground is saturated. so a strong wind could cause big problems. topper has an update and there is more to not, is there nothing. >> it is unbelievable. they epng mico. rnno wamiings on the storms yet ai n.ey are heavy we will zoom in. they are in the same orientation as what we saw earlier wh en hhewe tad veer wefrathe the omhe itgarsburg ck to it rockville d anlls,fa llfas, fa reston chantilly a viennain fairfax. vianhimong s ivih s rt . ur at ten miles anho heavy rain for . wa rockville and bethesda and moving to vienna. for tonight, what you see is what you get. we are looking at shower and thunderstorms. some could beheavy, muggy. 68 to 74 for be atllbi lo bill. o twgot ghritwo right now. already we have some warnings for bermuda. we will show you the wave heights of bill coming back in a few minutes. you won't believe the wave heights this storm is generating
us with the exclusive details. >> reporter: derek and anita, as it happens the man arrested is an openly gay dc attorney and he says the officer who charged him he asked him what he was being charged with and the officer made a gay slur. >> we walked by some police cars and i criticized the police twice in a sing song voice. >> reporter: on its face saying you hate cops may be rude but does it constitute breaking the law. >> within seconds he turned me around, pushed me up and pinned me against a big metal electrical box. >> what happened next left him speechless. >> i asked what i was being arrested for. the officer sa stju shut up faggot. e he expressed his outrage to police chief and she th responded s rideanor ngwa order ctpe exmy myofficers to pr pre si onofesrealal ndspectful treatment to all residents and visitors and will accept nothing less." >> she has been quick to order an internal investigation and i think that i have a lot of faith in her ability to make this come out fairly. >> in wrote row expect i wished i had probably used better judgment or more polite to
and sideswiped the tractor-trailer. that truck flew into the water and killed the driver. >> they still use two within way traffic on the bridge without barriers needed to separate the traffic so you have this very small margin of error so if someone comes across the lane you have a potential crash like you did last year at this time. >> triple a says 70% of all crashes on the bay bridge occur when a single span is carrying two-way traffic. >>> an update now on problems that continue to plague metro. the agency says it did tell the national transportation safety board about an incident where the train overran a platform. it happened after it malfunctioned after the potomac station. they didn't find out until last week. well, today the ntsb confirmed metro did tell investigators right away after the june collision between two trains. >> our records indicate that an employee notified the ntsb on june 23rd, the day after the accident. >> metro says because the incident on march 2nd happened at low speeds, this is not a close call as the post reported. the train operator prevented a collision with
use aerial pictures of our customers' homes. so after a storm, we can estimate repair costs and get you your money faster, sometimes before your neighbors even start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insuranceow. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. >>> good evening everyone. thank you for joining us. a break tonight from the downpour across the area earlier this evening. the heavy rain and powerful winds had knocked out power in some neighborhoods. strong winds also toppled trees across the region like this one. and in bethesda trees were knocked over along river road and springfield drive. and in northwest d.c. the trees came down along massachusetts avenue and macomb street. >> things have improved greatly since earlier this evening. we picked up two or three inches of rain in some areas causing localized flooding problems and severe weather wthwiind gust m50th60, iles an g ur buthe r h60waeavyn ais the story early leoklolis t a veppe r t'leoklo at live doppler 9,000 see what is going on now. all is quiet. therilare l a coup
. >>> this is 9news now. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm anita brikman. >> i'm derek mcginty. >>> swine flu, the h1n1 could infect half of the u.s.. >> that is how virulent the flu strain really is. andrew stack picks it up for the information center. >> reporter: the council says this flu season could bring double the number of deaths of the average flu season. because of this, the council is recommending vaccines be offered to the public ahead of schedule. >> this isn't the flu that we're used to. we have seen transmission of a virus in a season that should not be flu season. it has really never gone away. >> reporter: the presidential council may be recommending vaccinations begin one month early in september. but. >> we still think mid october is a good target for the major production to roll off. it is possible some of the companies could accelerate. >> reporter: what they do know is h1n1 doesn't act the same as more common flu bugs. and this, she says, is something to be concerned about. most transmissions occur between active young people. >> i think when it start
in minutes. the cleanup will last weeks. gary nurenberg, 9news news. >> gary also tells us one tree found a new home after the storm in somebody's hot tub. >>> well, now to another type of damage done tonight. and what we are going to show you now was all caused by a car that backed into a gas meter. that meter sat in front of his apartment building and look at the damage here. the gas line ruptured. it caught fire. flames spread to the apartment. these are all in the silver wood farm apartment. the fire actually damaged 19 of them. good news, nobody hurt. >>> now a follow-up on a story you saw first on 9news now. as expected, the dc council has shown a deal of increases all to help deal with a budget deficit. the district's gas tax would jump. the tax on a gas of cigarettes would go from two bucks to 250. and the city's sales tax would climb from 5.75% to 6% even. >> any time they raise taxes on anything that people use, all people do is they quit using it. it does not work. >> i think they can probably use all of the money they can get. and if i didn't know what it was before, it only w
approved and being paid for by you. digital correspondent joins us from the information center. what are we talking about when it comes to the cost of taxpayers? >> believe it or not $200 million. and normally big ticket items like the gulf stream jets would require additional earmarks, but they didn't in this case because there was one already on order for an existing program. because there's no new earmark, legislation doesn't disclose which member of congress requested the two additional gulf stream jets. >> follow the money trail. where are the planes being built? we don't know exactly who requested it, but if you follow the trail you'll find someone whose district that this plane is being built. that's what we're going to do. we're going to find out. >> reporter: david williams is vice president for policy for e.tizens against nohegews ka or b@gi waste. he knows georgia submitted a request for one airplane on behalf of georgia based gulf stream. >> it could be georgia, it could be anywhere in this country. but this plane has to be built somewhere. and that member of congress i guarante
for virginia's gubernatorial candidate. >> and he did that vigorously but also used the event to offer vigorous criticism of his critics and vigorous defense of his presidency. >> it was a vigorous night. some republicans are trying to make virginia's governor race a referendum on the obama presidency. tonight the president seemed to say if that's the way you want it, okay. >> the president offered the expected praise of deeds but soon turned to a spirited defense of his own six months in office. >> when i walked in we had a $1.3 trillion deficit. that was gift wrapped and waiting for me when i walked in the oval office. i don't want the folks created the mess do a lot of talking, i want them to get out of the way to clean up the mess. >> it was the partisan poll six with flashes of campaign 2008. >> i've got some testimony, i've got an amen corner. get fired up once again. >> lagging in the polls can use the boot. >> i think it's re-energizes all the people here last year for the election and back out in the dog days of summer to say hey very important election and we're back out here today. a
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johnson. thank you for joining us this sunday night. a university of maryland student is alive but injured after falling four stories in the parking garage. britney moorehouse is reporting from college park where students can't believe he survived. >> reporter: this is the view looking out a window and down from the 4th floor inside the business school garage. students say it is hard to imagine someone survived a fall from that level. >> are you joking? >> are you kidding. >> reporter: just as difficult to believe how the 20-year-old who fell at 2:00 a.m. in the morning managed to slip out a window. >> it looks like they have orange things on the windows. so i feel you would have to be really drunk or -- >> reporter: that's a possibility. while a university police spokesman can't serve whether alcohol was detected the campus newspaper claims several witnesses claim the witness was drunk on a weekend before classes have even started many here say there is lots of partying. >> definitely. >> maryland is kind of a big party school. you don't expect something of this big magnitude to happen. >
department tells us eight girls were stung after disturbing a yellow jacket nest. then a few hours later, another 16 children were stung in the same area. everyone is expected to be okay. >>> so how do you treat a bee or wasp sting? in living well first try to remove the stinger if it's still in the skin. you can use meat tend riser, deodorant or baking soda solution. and ice cube can help with pain. for itching and swelling, they suggest a dose of benadryl. now, when should you call the doctor? if the swelling starts to go out from the sting. finally you need to call 911 if your child starts having brother breathing or swallowing. that can be a sign of very dangerous conditions. >>> now, the secret service is not commenting tonight on reports that a man was detained for holding a sign threatening president obama yesterday. it happened at senator's haul meeting. that unidentified 51-year-old held up this sign reading death to obama, death to michelle and her two stupid kids. no word if that man is being charged with anything. >> why on earth are you producing health care bills that have
's in store for us today, topper, or for the weekend? >> we are in pretty good shape actually. temperatures have fall undown. pretty nice evening i have heard. overnight partly cloudy. we had a couple of orst earlier this evening. mild. low temperatures in the miord-6 in the suburbs. but low 70s downtown. winds will beghnow for your finabewal lknow for your wi ththe with the dog. frll, at 76, naalon but 73 d analy adreready 70 in manassas and culpepper . pretty comfortable for us. mid-70s do wndo s towafrs ks fredericksburg. satellite picture radar combined do see clouds off to the south and few showers off the southeast coast. we will come back and talk about those showers, talk about the tropics heating up. >> thank you, topper. >>> would you believe you can make $3 million in three months off one invention? that's the truth when it comes to iphone applications and anybody can do it. britney moorehouse introduces us to a team of locals with no experience who may be on their way. >> cell phone sales are down but smart phone sales are up. >> reporter: one of the few bright spots in the ec
us this sunday night. a near 20--year-old mystery is over tonight. since 1991 the family of a navy pilot shot down on the first night of the gulf war had been uncertain of his fate but tonight the remains of captain mike scott spyker has been solved. >> i'm glad they finally found closure, painful though it may be. >> reporter: reaction tonight from the retired admiral tom brooks . 18 years the tradition of leaving no fallen commrad behind holds true today as the navy says remains found in iraq have been positively identified as capital mike scott spyker. >> it is essential they know they are not going to be left behind. >> reporter: but the two-decade search has not gone without critics from family, friends and lawmakers. spyker was shot down january 17, 1991. his wreckage was found but with no body the navy changed his ki in action anthd en switched it to missing and captured. some believed his initials were carved into an iraqi prison. >> i wonder to myself is it some kind of cruel prank, cruel joke. >> i would like to say hello to my wife joanne and my wife and daughter. >> rep
back and there is a lessening of tensions. >> use of personal diplomacy is case by case approach. >> reporter: american university professor saying there can be disadvantages to personal diplomacy. >> you may generate false hope for the country that are in a similar situation that the united states would make the country an exception to the general rule. >> reporter: and he sees potential losers from the clinton trip. south korea and japan. >> in tokyo, from this time will incest only on direct negotiation while trying to further alienate the other countries. >> reporter: the professor also sees an upside here. the possibility that north korea gains enough confidence in this perceived diplomatic victory, getting president to visit, bill clinton to visit. >> three americans detained could be charged with spying. shane bauer, his girlfriend and their friend were arrested for illegally entering iran from iraq. security officials in iraq say the three of backpackers simply got lost while hiking in the mountains but the border is not so clearly marked. >> senators have spent the night
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